Gifts For Lacrosse Players (From Givers Who Don’t Really Understand The Game)

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014 in Blog

Lacrosse players are a breed of sportsmen and -women unlike any other, but if you don’t really understand the sport it can be hard to find them a game-related gift. If you need a holiday or birthday gift for a lacrosse player, but don’t know what he or she would like, read on for a few good ideas. Gifts A Lacrosse Player Will Love If you want to show your friend that you support his or her interest in the sport, but you don’t know how to tell a good lacrosse head from a bad one (let alone understand why some aren’t sold with the strings already on them) stick with gifts that aren’t equipment related. Try one of the following: A personalized hoodie or t-shirt. Lacrosse players are tough. Physical toughness is expected of players, but mental toughness is essential, or a player won’t last long in the sport. Try having a personalized hoodie or shirt made that says any of the following common lacrosse slogans: 7 Days Without Lacrosse Makes One Weak. A Lost Game Is Just Unfinished Business. If You Can’t Play Nice, Play Lacrosse. Lacrosse: Turning Violent Personalities Into World Class Athletes. Lacrosse: Legally Beating People With Sticks. If these saying sound a little mean to you, just remember: lacrosse is a rough sport and lacrosse players are born with attitude. A personalized First Aid Kit. Have his or her name embroidered on the outside of a first aid bag. Then, fill the bag with a small knife (about a 2″ pocket knife will do), a lighter, and a multi-purpose tool.  Did you think that the First-Aid kit was actually in case your friend got injured? You must have no idea how lacrosse players feel about their sticks. A gift certificate. Unless the lacrosse player in your life has been leaving hints around about what he or she really wants (like open gear catalogs with big red circles around the appropriate items), stick with a gift card. Most lacrosse players are pretty picky about the equipment that they use, so he or she will probably be happy to pick out what he or she wants – and you’ll get all of the credit for the gift, with none of the stress! Best Gag Gift For A Lacrosse Player – Ever. If you’re looking for a gag gift for your lacrosse playing friend, there’s one gift that’s perfect:  A bag full of baseballs (because if you can’t tough it out in lacrosse, you can always go play baseball). Fair Warning: Make sure no lacrosse sticks are in sight, hand the gift over, and run for your life before its opened. No matter what you get the lacrosse player in your life, he or she will appreciate the gift, especially if it shows a little insight into the fact that attitude, not equipment, is the most important part of the...

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