Six Cool Ways To Recycle Your Old Canoe Paddles

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

If you have any old oars or paddles laying around your home or garage, you may be able to re-purpose them into a unique and clever home accent. These are often found made from wood, although some newer styles may use metal or plastic materials. The wooden oars and paddles give your projects a cool, vintage flavor, and bring their own distinctive flair to your home.

Try the following six projects:


Paddles and oars make ideal shelving materials, and can be used to create unique displays throughout your home. These may be secured to segments of wood or glass to add detail to your shelf, or can be cut and fashioned so that you place your belongings on the flat surface of the paddle or oar. These are particularly attractive in a family room or den, and can be painted or stained to match your room’s theme.

Window treatment

Give your windows a bit of flair by securing the paddles above the top sill of your window horizontally. These will be positioned above any existing rods or drapery hardware, and serve as an accent to the overall window treatment. These can be secured similarly to how you would install a cornice above a window.


There are so many unusual and clever furnishings that you can create or augment with old wooden oars and paddles. These are ideal for the backs of chairs or the seats of benches. Replace arms or legs of furnishings with segments of wooden paddles for a nautical look.

Fence picket

Add some alluring details to your home’s exterior fence or gate with old paddles and oars. These can be used to replace pickets, depending on the size and width of your fencing, to give the fence some eye-catching appeal. Paint the paddle or oar the same color as the fence pickets to maintain a cohesive appearance.

Door trim

Secure a paddle horizontally above a door frame, or on the right and left sides of the door vertically. This will give your doorway and entrance a fun, maritime touch that is particularly alluring during summer.


Incorporate a recycled canoe paddle into a unique headboard for a teen’s bedroom in your home. Secure paddles above the bed horizontally, and add other nautical touches to create an inspired display that serves as a make-shift headboard for twin, queen, or even king-sized beds.

Don’t toss out your old oars and paddles! Instead, recycle and re-purpose them into a unique accent for the home. These bring a whimsical, nautical air to numerous craft and home improvement projects, including these six simple suggestions.

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