Learning Your Catch: What You’re Likely to Haul in on Saltwater Fishing Charters Around the Country

Posted by on Apr 7, 2015 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

In general, there are two types of people who go out on chartered fishing expeditions: hardcore anglers intent on catching their favorite open-water fare, and more casual anglers who are more interested in the social aspect of a work or family charter boat trip. For the latter group, the species you’re targeting can be a real mixed bag, but your options are somewhat categorized by your location. Here’s what to expect in four different parts of the country, all of which are very popular charter boat destinations.  Northeast The waters off the coast of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and even down to the Chesapeake Bay are all world-renowned for one main gamefish: the striped bass. This legendary fish can grow up to 81 pounds, and a fish of around 40 pounds can be caught with an experienced charter boat and some luck. Other popular sportfish in these waters include bluefish, which are similar in size to the striper, and the mighty bluefin tuna, which is one of the most challenging fish in the world to catch.  Gulf of Mexico The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most storied fishing destinations in the world, with an equally astounding variety of wild game fish to be experienced here. Arguably your best bet in these warm waters is the bayou redfish, which is known to be a strong fighter and great table fare. Other worthy options include the cobia, which can grow up to nearly 150 pounds, and the speckled trout, a spry little fish that can be a blast on light tackle. If you’re up to it, hitting bridge pilings and offshore oil rigs can be a great bet for the mythic Goliath grouper, which looks like a huge brown freshwater bass and can weigh upwards of a quarter ton.  Southern California The tuna rule off the coast of California, with a huge variety of silver torpedoes to be had on a plethora of different spots. Try asking about yellowfin tuna fishing if you’re looking for a weighty fish, or the similar-looking but smaller bonito for a peppy little fish. Other popular species in this area include lingcod and kelp bass, both of which are hard to find in other fisheries.  Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest is nearly universally salmon country. These gorgeous and great-tasting fish are fairly common around Washington and Oregon and are as much fun to catch as they are to eat. King salmon and chinook salmon are good bets, especially around the mouths of freshwater rivers. For a different type of fight, the aforementioned lingcod and the halibut are great sport in the area.  No matter where you want to go or where you live, there are guaranteed to be great fishing opportunities near you. Knowing what to expect is important in having a good time, and knowing what’s going to end up at the...

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