How To Convince Your Injured Student Athlete To “Stick” To The Idea Of Kinesiology Tape

Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

Once every 25 seconds, a child is injured while playing sports. Most of these injuries are strains and sprains that can take anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year to heal. Kinesiology tape, a type of athletic tape, is a fantastic way to stabilize nearly-healed sprains and strains when returning to athletic activity. Think about the times when you’ve tried to get your child to stay safe, though, from nagging about bicycle helmets to washing hands before eating. Children are not always the most diligent caretakers of their health and well-being. So how can you convince your child to learn to use kinesiology tape so that strains and sprains are not re-injured?  Tell Your Child That Kinesiology Tape is Not the Same Thing as Standard Athletic Wrapping Standard athletic wraps provide compression to an injury, but if wrapped too tightly or loosely, the wrap is uncomfortable and ineffective. Consider a sprained ankle, for example; standard wrapping is effective, but bulky. Your child will feel the extra padding between the foot and the shoe, which not only makes the shoe fit tighter, but also interferes with gait. What child wants to deal with that, especially if the injury is almost healed? On the other hand, kinesiology tape is more lightweight yet just as effective. Your child’s shoe will still fit and the tape will not prevent him or her from moving naturally.  Present Kinesiology Tape as an Accessory and Not an Overbearing Safety Feature Teen and preteens want to fit in yet retain a sense of self. It is an almost inevitable aspect of growing up. Think back to the idea of the bicycle helmet; your child knows that it is a safety feature, but believe it resonates a nerdy or uncool appearance.  If your child has an athletic injury, trying to convince the young athlete to sport kinesiology tape while training or competing may seem like a similar problem. If your child wants to appear too tough or too cool for weird sticky tape, change the way you introduce it. Kinesiology tape is not the social suicide that your child might think it is.  Kinesiology tape has been around for several decades, but it really didn’t resonate with casual exercises and amateur athletes until its wide use in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The best of the world’s athletes donned kinesiology tape in unique patterns (functional patterns actually, but patterns that are visually appealing nonetheless!) in an effort to perform at their very best. What middle or high school athlete has not found a role model in their sport’s top athletes? You can use this to your advantage; kinesiology tape will not only make your child feel more like “the real deal” but also keep the injury safe.  Kinesiology tape is available in an array of wild colors, too. Pinks, blues, greens, yellows—your child can select a favorite...

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