Zen Archery Provides a Path to a Calm Mind

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

The classic practice of Zen archery has been employed for many centuries as a way of enhancing both mind and body. Upon breaking out a modern compound bow on your next trip to the archery range, employ a few traditional and holistic aspects to the art of letting an arrow fly through the air. Doing so could greatly reduce stress and anxiety and help you achieve a placid, unfettered mind. The Essence of Zen Archery The three primary elements of Zen archery (kyudo) are “truth, goodness, and beauty.” Perfect technique embodies the beauty of archery and truth and goodness reflect the intent. The latter two components are at the heart of freeing oneself from an anxious, cluttered, or angry mind. Someone who has had a bad week in his or her personal and professional life may choose to relieve stress through visiting an archery range. Venting anger through hitting a target with arrows may provide short-term relief. Using the bow and arrow to calm anxious feelings, however, would be the better path to follow both mentally and spiritually. Concentration, a Calm Mind, and Archery Excellence A mind that is relaxed and calm won’t easily succumb to angry, hyper outbursts or irrational thinking. Learning how to concentrate helps relax the mind. Concentrating in order to consistently hitting a bullseye during archery practice serves as an excellent vehicle for calming the mind.  Putting five arrows in a row right next to each other at the center of the target is not easy. Emptying out the mind, not allowing oneself to be distracted, and maintaining the proper form are necessary to achieve such a result. Once this goal is achieved at 10 yards, make the attempt to duplicate the feat at 30 yards. Then, move onto 100 yards. Perhaps then you can attempt to split an arrow with another arrow at these distances. Upon achieving this new goal, try to split the second arrow with a third arrow. Preparing to Free the Arrow Calming the mind could require a few meditation-like steps. The following three techniques may prove helpful to an archer’s ability to release the arrow: Focus directly on the target. Allow all thoughts not related to the task exit your mind. Take deep breaths until you feel relaxed. Of course, there are many other components necessary to being a skillful archer. These three tips will aid in calming the mind. Once you master calming the mind for archery sessions, you discover it can be easily calmed in other aspects of life. Visit an archery center like http://www.wilcoxbaitandtackle.com/ for more...

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