4 Common Beginner Yoga Mistakes

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

Yoga can be one of the greatest things that you can do for your body. It is a low impact exercise that helps build both endurance and the core muscles. Yoga can prove to be good for people of all ages, and despite the fact that some of the more masterful moves can be incredibly difficult to learn, yoga has a shallow learning curve. This means that almost anyone can learn to do yoga! This is not to say that people do not make mistakes and yoga is, indeed, full of mistakes. Throughout the course of this article, you’ll learn about 4 common beginner yoga mistakes. Namaste! Mistake: Wearing Improper Clothing Like any sport or form of exercise, it is important to wear the proper mode of dress. Without the proper attire, your yoga session can be cut quite short. It is important to wear clothes that let your body breathe but do not impede movement. This means that you should not wear jeans, of course. Loose fitting clothing is usually fine for beginner yoga classes, but you should get into the habit of wearing more form fitting attire that stretches along with your body. Why is this the case? First, you do not want loose clothing impeding the movement of your body. Secondly, form-fitting clothes can help absorb sweat and also serve to stretch with your muscles, making sure that you’re maximizing the use of your own body. Mistake: Inconsistency One of the biggest problems for new yoga practitioners is that they easily slip into the yoga practitioner mindset and believe that this mindset will continuously be achieved with ease. When you first start practicing yoga, especially in public, you may find that you can easily achieve a state of calmness and dedication at first. However, real life always beckons you back, and one day you might find yourself at the mat and unable to concentrate with ease. It is important to not become frustrated with these inconsistencies and simply attempt to work through them. Yoga is not an easy life practice, and as such, you should work and maintaining the consistency of your mindset. It won’t always come to you easily. Mistake: Comparing Yourself With Those Around You One of the biggest frustrations that beginning yoga practitioners experience is that they compare themselves to the people around them. Remember, you are a beginner. Everyone was a beginner at one time. It’s important not to try to match the stretches of those who are on the mat next to you. In addition to being a beginner, it’s important to remember that, no matter what, there are those who are different from you. There are numerous factors that come into account regarding how a person practices yoga, including their genetics, body type, age and health. Some of these factors are entirely out of your control! Mistake: Giving Up This is the biggest problem...

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