Using Steel Targets For Law Enforcement Training

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

The ability to shoot with accuracy in a tactical situation is a must-have skill for anyone in law enforcement. Whether it is practicing at the range or training in the field, target shooting is an ideal training tool to ensure a shooter can hit the target in almost any situation. Steel targets, from a location like Hang Fast Targets, are commonly used in law enforcement to help officers train for various shooter-related operations. Find out more about how these targets work, and how they can improve accuracy. Why Steel? Rather than going through hundreds, or even thousands, of paper targets, steel targets can withstand heavy use and abuse without the need for replacement. This can save local law enforcement money on training overhead costs. Steel targets can be hung from the ceiling and adjusted to different heights and distances, or they can be placed on a stationary pole and moved around as needed. This steel is specially made to be able to handle gunfire, and provides officers who are training with a good quality target to practice with. They are made to prevent excess bullet fragments deflecting off the surface and can be used for a variety of weapons ranging from hand guns to rifles. How Steel Targets Help Officers Train Since most training facilities can provide enough range space to maneuver the steel targets into any position, these targets are ideal for different training styles. Learning to shoot a target teaches law enforcement officers how to quickly respond in a time sensitive situation while maintaining the ability to hit with accuracy. They’re also helpful for sniper practice and situations where an officer must be able to shoot at a target from a long distance. Their modular designs allow for easy set up and take down, allowing officers to move them or change their configuration to adapt to several different potential situations.  Types Of Steel Targets Steel shooting targets can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. Some hang from the ceiling using chains, while others are on a mounted system attached to the ground. They can be placed in groups for quick, multiple shot practice or placed alone for practicing in a one-on-one shooter situation. The steel plates can be in the shape of a circle, a human form, or even a bowling pin. Depending on the supplier, steel targets can be configured to work on a motorized system as well. The use of these targets can help law enforcement keep their shooting skills up to date, and provide training for new officers to get them ready for just about any situation they...

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