Tips To Remember When Shopping For A Motorcycle

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

Shopping around for a new bike can be exciting, making it hard to pass up the first good deal you find. Saving money and getting the lowest price is important if you are buying a new bike on a tight budget. Knowing more about buying a bike before you set out shopping can help you avoid making expensive mistakes and help you take home the bike of your dreams for the best price. Follow these tips when you are out shopping for a new or pre-owned motorcycle. Do Your Research If you have a particular bike in mind, taking the time to learn more about it before you start visiting dealers is a good idea. For example, knowing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the bike you want is important. If you know the MSRP, you will know right away when the price at a dealer is too high. While every dealer will mark up over the MSRP for making a profit, some go way too high. Bear in mind that you will need to add in fees like those for taxes and tags to the MSRP as well. If you find a dealer that is asking a price that is right at the same mount of the MSRP, you should stop to consider the reason why. For example, if a dealer is going out of business, it should be posted that it is selling at lower prices because of that. However, a lower priced bike could have a hidden issue that would cost you later on. Be sure to find out why a bike is priced much lower than it should be before buying it. Buying From A Dealer May Be Your Best Option When it comes to finding a bike fresh off the showroom floor, you will need to make a purchase from a dealer. If you want a bike that is a a year or two old, you may consider buying one from an individual seller. However, buying from a dealer has benefits, especially if the bike is a newer, pre-owned model. If you want a warranty, buying from a dealer is the best way to get one for a pre-owned bike. Also, if you purchase a pre-owned bike from a dealer, the chances are higher it has had a thorough inspection prior to being put on the sales floor. You may end up paying for repairs you did not expect if you buy a used bike from an individual seller. When you add the cost of future repairs to the purchase price, you may find that a used bike from an individual is more expensive than one you buy from a dealer. Looking Far And Wide Can Have Money-Saving Benefits Visiting only the bike dealers in your local area is fine, but looking in shops in other towns could be a great way to...

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