Three Tips For Casting On A Boat

Posted by on May 26, 2016 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

Fishing is both a leisurely and exciting activity. However, boat fishing introduces an entirely new level of intensity. While many techniques are the same whether on land or water, you do need to make some changes when it comes to casting in order to ensure safety and for the most successful experience.

Short And Sweet Casting

Keep your casting maneuvers short and sweet. When fishing on land, there is generally ample space to cast your line. However, the opposite is true on a boat. If you overlook this, you could hurt another angler on the boat. For boat fishing, keep your casting style simple.

In fact, it’s often okay to cast literately right on top of the fish you are attempting to catch. Given the small space, this eliminates the need for you to perform a forceful and long cast, which is important for safety. When casting on a boat, keep it short, unless you’re on a very large vessel.  

To Stand Or Sit

When casting from a boat, you also have to consider whether or not you should stand or sit. Answering this question has everything to do with the type of boat you are on. Generally, when you are on a small boat like a small raft or canoe, you want to sit.

The reason for this is that these boats are far less steady than large vessels, so every time the boat moves it will be harder for you to keep your body and the line stable, causing the fish to swim away. If you are on a larger vessel, such as a pontoon, feel free to stand if you’d like.

Brush Up On Technique

Before your trip, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of your casting techniques, particularly your side arm casting. Side arm casting is a method where you swing the line from your side, rather than over your head.

In a small space, this type of casting style is much safer than traditional overhead casting. Additionally, this type of casting technique can also keep your bait on the line more securely and reduce the risk of it falling off.

If you’re planning a boat fishing trip with a company like Bone Fish Master, make sure you have brushed up on your boat casting tips. It’s also helpful to share what you know with other anglers going out with you to ensure everyone has a successful and safe experience.