Aim For These Vulnerable Areas When You Fight Back With A Self-Defense Product

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Blog, Recreation & Sports

Buying and carrying one or more self-defense products is a good idea if you feel vulnerable when you’re out in public alone. Whether jogging through a quiet park or waiting for the subway in a not-so-good part of town, you’ll feel much more confident with a self-defense product clutched tightly in your pocket. Unless you use a projectile-type product, such as pepper spray, that allows you to defend yourself from a distance, you’ll likely find yourself physically struggling with an attacker if you’re targeted. Whether you have a tactical pen, a pointed keychain or a kubotan, you’ll need to viciously attack your assailant to the point that you can make your escape. Aim your attacks to these vulnerable areas to make them count. Soft Facial Areas If you’re able to use precise striking to attack your assailant’s face, make sure that your attacks yield the most damage by aiming for the softer areas. Instead of going for the forehead or jaw, for example, focus on the eyes, ears and mouth — and don’t shy away from the neck, either. Remember, you may only have a few seconds in which to attack and disorientate your attacker before he comes at you again. Striking or jabbing at the eyes with a pointed keychain, for example, can be enough to cause the assailant to retreat. Groin Many people know to go for the face, but if this area isn’t within reach, lower your point of attack. Anywhere around the groin can be extremely painful and give you a chance to escape and call the authorities. The genitals are an obvious choice; jabbing or swinging at this area with a kubotan, for example, can easily incapacitate someone. Don’t be afraid of also aiming your attack anywhere around the pelvis. There are numerous soft points in this region that can cause severe pain with just one strike. Behind The Knee Depending on your position and the position of your attacker, you may have access to behind the knee. Many people think solely of attacking up high, but focusing on this area can be beneficial. The soft area behind the knee has numerous nerve points that can render your attacker in pain with just one shot. Use a sharp stabbing tool, such as a tactical pen, and jab it into this area with all your strength. It will likely be enough to give you a moment to make your...

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