Decorating Your Boat Docking Area With Style

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If you wish to show off your boat to others who are navigating the body of water in which you use it regularly, consider sprucing up its docking area on the shoreline. You will be sure to get some appreciative glances in your boat’s direction with some of these tricks to make the area eye-catching to other boaters as they pass on by. Copy Your Home One way to get noticed is to decorating your boat storage area in the same mediums used on your home. If your home is in view to those on the waters, imitating its look with your boat’s enclosure is a fun way to get your vessel noticed. Use the same siding and roof coverings you have on your house to don your boat’s home. If you have a noticeable window style, duplicate it down below on your boat shed as well. You can even add details such as wall decor, a weather vane, or matching curtains. Add Some Personality Add a boat lift canopy to keep your boat covered from harmful elements when it is docked. To make your canopy a bit more noticeable, use a bright color or have it personalized to show others some things you enjoy. If you have a favorite sports team or if a family member is a student in college, show your spirit by using team or school colors over your boat. If you want everyone to know whose boat they are viewing, have the boat’s name stitched onto the lift cover material so it can be seen from afar. Contact a company like Waterway Boat Lift Covers about customization options. Use Some Lighting String small holiday lights around the perimeter of your boat lift canopy to capture attention during nighttime hours. Place a light underneath the canopy to help illuminate the material so it is easily seen. Solar-powered spot lights can be placed on your dock, pointed toward your boat so it is showcased to those who are utilizing the waters during the evening hours. Add Some Signs Paint wooden signs to hang from your boat shed or lift canopy, giving others something to read as they pass by your property. Fun slogans about boating or relaxing on the water will be delightful for others to see as they gaze over at your boat. If you know someone who carves wood, ask them to make you a nameplate to hang so others know whose boat they are looking...

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A Resource on Center Console Boats

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If you have always wanted to go out on the water to enjoy yourself, you should do it in style with center console boats. These boats offer some of the best experiences that you can take advantage of, as long as you purchase the right boat from a recreation and sports shop. To make sure that you understand the benefits of these boats, purchase the right boat, and learn to take care of it, follow the tips laid out in this guide.  What are some of the benefits of center console boats? If you’re considering center console boats, you need to learn the benefits associated with purchasing one. For one, the center console boats allow you plenty of access to the water on all sides so that you can experience it up close and personal. This is especially beneficial if you are an avid fisherman and want to be able to cast your line in a number of different angles. These boats are also premium when it comes to storage space. You’ll have plenty of places to store your gear and any other belongings that passengers brought along.  What types of boats are available for purchase? When you want to purchase the right kind of center console boat, you have a few options. Some boats are essential for fishing in that they contain insulated fish lockers, while others are made for lounging and have T-top enclosures. The boats typically come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging anywhere from 15 feet to 42 feet. The engine power also ranges, as some powerful center console boats can hit top speeds of a zooming 70 mph. Look around to get an understanding of which type of boat will work best for your circumstances. How can I take care of my boat? In order to get the absolute most out of your center console boat, you will need to dedicate yourself to ongoing maintenance. Every season, when it is time to put up your boat, make sure that you wax the engine, change out all engine oils and other lubricants, and grease all of the connections to the steering system and engine. Wash and wax the entire boat and make sure that your center console boat is stored somewhere that does not get direct sunlight. You can also take your boat into a repair shop so that you always get the utmost service and preventative maintenance. Owning these boats will make your life out on the water a dream. Consider these tips to get the most out of such a boat, and contact a company like Boater’s Landing to find one for...

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Military Surplus: The Best Kept Secret When Shopping For College

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Along with the paperwork, emotions, and goodbyes associated with moving away to school, one of the things that gives incoming freshmen the most anxiety is getting all your shopping done for things like furniture and storage options. Instead of elbowing your way to the last decent-sized plastic trash can or struggling to find a good looking winter coat that doesn’t break the bank, try skipping the lines at the big box stores in favor of a less traditional destination: the military surplus store.  Five Star Storage Way too many incoming freshmen fall into the neutral luggage and storage camp, filling their rooms with white plastic bins and black baggage. In order to stand out from the crowd while nailing the functional storage game, try the army/navy surplus store. One of the most stocked places at any military surplus store is the storage section, with pieces like duffel bags, trunks, and even ammo boxes for magazines and books. For something personal, there’s always a great selection of key chains or carabiners available at these stores, too.  Warm Clothes and Blankets In terms of clothes, if vintage military is your look, then going authentic with clothes straight from the army surplus will earn you some serious points in the style category. Even if you’re not a big fan of old-school military clothes, you can’t deny that the army and navy know what they’re doing when designing cold weather gear. Pea coats and parkas are classics, and an old-school watch cap looks good on anyone. Another thing that’s great to find at these stores is big, thick wool blankets for when the mercury drops, especially if you go to a Northern school or anywhere that gets chilly at night. Next-Level Snacks The world of dorm snacks is filled with ramen and cheap candy for many incoming freshmen. Bucking this trend not only makes it look like you thought of everything, but also means you’ll be better fed. A classic is the MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) which is great when you’re on-the-go or in a hurry, since it’s a full meal once you pour some water in the pouch. Energy bars are also common at military surplus stores, and you know they’ll be the real deal, not some candy bar in disguise from the supermarket or vending machine. Also keep an eye out for a good water bottle, which any college student will tell you is a necessity when you’re running in between classes and dying of...

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Zen Archery Provides a Path to a Calm Mind

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The classic practice of Zen archery has been employed for many centuries as a way of enhancing both mind and body. Upon breaking out a modern compound bow on your next trip to the archery range, employ a few traditional and holistic aspects to the art of letting an arrow fly through the air. Doing so could greatly reduce stress and anxiety and help you achieve a placid, unfettered mind. The Essence of Zen Archery The three primary elements of Zen archery (kyudo) are “truth, goodness, and beauty.” Perfect technique embodies the beauty of archery and truth and goodness reflect the intent. The latter two components are at the heart of freeing oneself from an anxious, cluttered, or angry mind. Someone who has had a bad week in his or her personal and professional life may choose to relieve stress through visiting an archery range. Venting anger through hitting a target with arrows may provide short-term relief. Using the bow and arrow to calm anxious feelings, however, would be the better path to follow both mentally and spiritually. Concentration, a Calm Mind, and Archery Excellence A mind that is relaxed and calm won’t easily succumb to angry, hyper outbursts or irrational thinking. Learning how to concentrate helps relax the mind. Concentrating in order to consistently hitting a bullseye during archery practice serves as an excellent vehicle for calming the mind.  Putting five arrows in a row right next to each other at the center of the target is not easy. Emptying out the mind, not allowing oneself to be distracted, and maintaining the proper form are necessary to achieve such a result. Once this goal is achieved at 10 yards, make the attempt to duplicate the feat at 30 yards. Then, move onto 100 yards. Perhaps then you can attempt to split an arrow with another arrow at these distances. Upon achieving this new goal, try to split the second arrow with a third arrow. Preparing to Free the Arrow Calming the mind could require a few meditation-like steps. The following three techniques may prove helpful to an archer’s ability to release the arrow: Focus directly on the target. Allow all thoughts not related to the task exit your mind. Take deep breaths until you feel relaxed. Of course, there are many other components necessary to being a skillful archer. These three tips will aid in calming the mind. Once you master calming the mind for archery sessions, you discover it can be easily calmed in other aspects of life. Visit an archery center like for more...

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How To Convince Your Injured Student Athlete To “Stick” To The Idea Of Kinesiology Tape

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Once every 25 seconds, a child is injured while playing sports. Most of these injuries are strains and sprains that can take anywhere from a few weeks to an entire year to heal. Kinesiology tape, a type of athletic tape, is a fantastic way to stabilize nearly-healed sprains and strains when returning to athletic activity. Think about the times when you’ve tried to get your child to stay safe, though, from nagging about bicycle helmets to washing hands before eating. Children are not always the most diligent caretakers of their health and well-being. So how can you convince your child to learn to use kinesiology tape so that strains and sprains are not re-injured?  Tell Your Child That Kinesiology Tape is Not the Same Thing as Standard Athletic Wrapping Standard athletic wraps provide compression to an injury, but if wrapped too tightly or loosely, the wrap is uncomfortable and ineffective. Consider a sprained ankle, for example; standard wrapping is effective, but bulky. Your child will feel the extra padding between the foot and the shoe, which not only makes the shoe fit tighter, but also interferes with gait. What child wants to deal with that, especially if the injury is almost healed? On the other hand, kinesiology tape is more lightweight yet just as effective. Your child’s shoe will still fit and the tape will not prevent him or her from moving naturally.  Present Kinesiology Tape as an Accessory and Not an Overbearing Safety Feature Teen and preteens want to fit in yet retain a sense of self. It is an almost inevitable aspect of growing up. Think back to the idea of the bicycle helmet; your child knows that it is a safety feature, but believe it resonates a nerdy or uncool appearance.  If your child has an athletic injury, trying to convince the young athlete to sport kinesiology tape while training or competing may seem like a similar problem. If your child wants to appear too tough or too cool for weird sticky tape, change the way you introduce it. Kinesiology tape is not the social suicide that your child might think it is.  Kinesiology tape has been around for several decades, but it really didn’t resonate with casual exercises and amateur athletes until its wide use in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The best of the world’s athletes donned kinesiology tape in unique patterns (functional patterns actually, but patterns that are visually appealing nonetheless!) in an effort to perform at their very best. What middle or high school athlete has not found a role model in their sport’s top athletes? You can use this to your advantage; kinesiology tape will not only make your child feel more like “the real deal” but also keep the injury safe.  Kinesiology tape is available in an array of wild colors, too. Pinks, blues, greens, yellows—your child can select a favorite hue or one that matches the school’s team colors. If you present kinesiology tape not as an overbearing precaution but as an accessory that reflects your young athlete’s personality, your child will be more receptive to the idea of using it and may even ask you to buy athletic tape for...

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Learning Your Catch: What You’re Likely to Haul in on Saltwater Fishing Charters Around the Country

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In general, there are two types of people who go out on chartered fishing expeditions: hardcore anglers intent on catching their favorite open-water fare, and more casual anglers who are more interested in the social aspect of a work or family charter boat trip. For the latter group, the species you’re targeting can be a real mixed bag, but your options are somewhat categorized by your location. Here’s what to expect in four different parts of the country, all of which are very popular charter boat destinations.  Northeast The waters off the coast of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and even down to the Chesapeake Bay are all world-renowned for one main gamefish: the striped bass. This legendary fish can grow up to 81 pounds, and a fish of around 40 pounds can be caught with an experienced charter boat and some luck. Other popular sportfish in these waters include bluefish, which are similar in size to the striper, and the mighty bluefin tuna, which is one of the most challenging fish in the world to catch.  Gulf of Mexico The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most storied fishing destinations in the world, with an equally astounding variety of wild game fish to be experienced here. Arguably your best bet in these warm waters is the bayou redfish, which is known to be a strong fighter and great table fare. Other worthy options include the cobia, which can grow up to nearly 150 pounds, and the speckled trout, a spry little fish that can be a blast on light tackle. If you’re up to it, hitting bridge pilings and offshore oil rigs can be a great bet for the mythic Goliath grouper, which looks like a huge brown freshwater bass and can weigh upwards of a quarter ton.  Southern California The tuna rule off the coast of California, with a huge variety of silver torpedoes to be had on a plethora of different spots. Try asking about yellowfin tuna fishing if you’re looking for a weighty fish, or the similar-looking but smaller bonito for a peppy little fish. Other popular species in this area include lingcod and kelp bass, both of which are hard to find in other fisheries.  Pacific Northwest The Pacific Northwest is nearly universally salmon country. These gorgeous and great-tasting fish are fairly common around Washington and Oregon and are as much fun to catch as they are to eat. King salmon and chinook salmon are good bets, especially around the mouths of freshwater rivers. For a different type of fight, the aforementioned lingcod and the halibut are great sport in the area.  No matter where you want to go or where you live, there are guaranteed to be great fishing opportunities near you. Knowing what to expect is important in having a good time, and knowing what’s going to end up at the end of your line is a big part of this process. By booking a charter (such as Oregon Inlet Fishing Center Inc) based on the type of fish they specialize in targeting, you not only help yourself, but help your guide in letting them know what you expect out of your trip, and how best to serve you while out on the...

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Two Of The Most Popular Motorcycle Destinations in the United States

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Whether you’ve just recently bought your own motorcycle, have been riding for years, or are thinking of renting a bike while the weather’s good, the list of destinations to travel to across America are endless. Some days may be best spent locally, riding to a friend’s house or across the nearby countryside, while others may require a further trip to satisfy your need for the open road. There are many possibilities when it comes to picking a destination for a longer ride, so getting a better idea of which locations will be the best for you personally is important in the planning process. Take a moment to check out a couple of the most popular United States motorcycle destinations, and see if you might want to check out one of them personally on your next trip: Twisted Road and Beautiful Sights While cars can certainly handle twists and turns in the road, motorcycles were made for the turns of a scenic road. Many motorcyclists claim that there’s no better way to experience the thrill of a windy road than on the George Washington Highway located in West Virginia. A road that passes through Cathedral State Park and Monongahela National Forest, the sights you’ll see along this 54 mile long road are breathtaking. From towering mountains to gorgeous woods, you’ll always have something to look at riding down the George Washington Highway. Rally Together With Other Enthusiasts At times, the destination that you’re headed to can be even more thrilling than the journey getting there. For most bikers, four specific rallies in the United States are the absolute pinnacle of motorcycle gatherings: Sturgis, Daytona, Laconia, and Myrtle Beach. Each of these destinations have their own unique pros, from the landscape of South Dakota at Sturgis to the amazing beach views at Myrtle Beach. All of the four events attract at least 500,000 participants, so no matter which one you choose, you’ll be guaranteed the experience of meeting hundreds of thousands of bikers just like you! Choosing the Best Destination for You Even after listening to the suggestions of other bikers that you know, you may decide that you want to do something completely unique of your own choosing. The great part about owning or renting a motorcycle is that you can choose your destination– so wherever your travels take you, whether into the mountains or the beach to a rally or solo ride, focus on having an amazing adventure! If you don’t know where to go and don’t have your own bike, talk to the guys at a motorcycle rental shop. Locals are sure to know the best places to check out in your...

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Want To Get Your Spouse Excited About ATV Riding? Try These Tips

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One key to a happy marriage is having similar interests and being able to enjoy them with one another. If you love riding four-wheelers and other ATVs but can’t seem to get your spouse excited about the idea, you might wish that the two of you had this particular hobby in common. Luckily, there are things that you can do to get your spouse excited about ATV riding. Try these tips, and the two of you are sure to be having fun on ATVs in no time. Pick a Model That You Can Ride Together First of all, you should understand that your hesitant spouse might be a little bit scared to operate an ATV alone. Instead of trying to turn your loved one loose on a piece of equipment that he or she might not feel comfortable with, consider picking a model that the two of you can ride together. For example, a Honda Side X Side ATV has extra seating, so you can bring your spouse as well as a couple of other passengers along for the ride. Plus, due to the shape and build of these ATVs, your spouse might feel a little bit safer and more comfortable. Contact a company like Monarch Honda for more ideas about picking a new ride. Purchase Safety Equipment Together Safety equipment is obviously a necessity for ATV riding. Instead of letting your spouse borrow some of the safety equipment that you already have, try going shopping for new equipment together. Your spouse might feel more comfortable if he or she is able to purchase safety equipment that is brand new and that fits properly, plus you can look for colors and patterns that your loved one can get excited about. Take a Beginner’s ATV Class With Your Spouse Even if you aren’t a beginner, it can pay to take a beginner’s ATV class with your spouse, Your spouse can learn about safe handling and other safety techniques, so he or she will feel safer and more confident when getting on one of these vehicles. Plus, you might be surprised — you might learn a thing or two yourself. Ride in Areas That Your Spouse Will Enjoy Although you might have your favorite spots where you like to ride, it can pay to look for scenery that you know your spouse will enjoy. If you prefer riding in the mud but know that your spouse would enjoy a beach view, consider switching up your routine ride. This will help get your spouse excited about the ride, and you might find new favorites yourself. Although not everyone is readily excited about ATV riding, following these tips can help you get your spouse on board. Then, the two of you can have a great time participating in one of your favorite hobbies...

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Which Martial Art Is Right For You? A Comparison Of Three Very Different Practices

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If you’ve been thinking about taking up a martial arts practice, you may be overwhelmed by all the different styles of martial arts being taught today. Virtually all of them are a great workout and will challenge both your body and your mind. Here’s a look at three distinctly different types of martial arts that might help you narrow down your choice. Kobudo Kobudo is an Okinawan martial arts form that uses weaponry. Some of the weapons used include sticks of different lengths clubs spears sickles The roots of kobudo are shrouded in old tales from the last days of the Samurai. Some stories say that kobudo was developed by Okinawan peasants trying to defend themselves with farm tools against the Samurai who were trying to take over their island. Others say that warrior castes also used similar implements and techniques in their fighting. Kobudo is not as prevalent in the US as many other martial arts styles. It’s not a money-making enterprise for most instructors, because like fencing, only a few groups can practice on the floor at any one time in most average-size facilities. It is particularly strenuous, in that you must practice martial arts moves with the added weight of a weapon. Some people argue that kobudo is an outmoded technique, as people don’t fight with weapons any longer. However, the techniques from kobudo can be applied to virtually any “weapon,” such as boots, handbags, brooms, or fire pokers, and the ability to put distance between yourself and an opponent makes it a good self-defense technique for women. For more information, contact Tanaka’s Martial Arts Academy or a similar location. Tae Kwon Do Tae kwon do was developed during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1940s. Most schools in the US now use a belt system of ranking, like karate, although there is less open hand work than karate with tae kwon do. The emphasis in this extremely popular Korean martial art is on punches and jumping and spinning kicks. Practitioners of tae kwon do learn to spar as well as to practice forms–choreographed sequences that can be put into muscle memory in the event of an actual fight. Tae kwon do is a great martial arts option for kids and teens, as it places strict adherence on discipline, etiquette, and self-confidence. People of all ages appreciate its well-rounded workout potential, developing strength, flexibility, breathing control, and mental acuity. Classes often begin and end with a brief meditation, and there are tournaments across the country year-round where athletes can test their skills, right up to the Olympic level. Aikido Aikido is very different from other martial arts in that practitioners try to preserve the well being of their attackers during a bout. Rather than focusing on kicks and punches (although these are part of the technique), aikido uses mostly grappling and throws. An awareness of one’s energy (“ki”) is vital, as is that of one’s opponent. Aikido was developed during the 1920s in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba. Like other martial arts, physical conditioning is an important element of its practice. A unique aspect of aikido is its teaching of falls and whole body movement, rather than motions that isolate the limbs. Instead of freestyle sparring, aikido incorporates its forms into bouts between two opponents. Emphasis...

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The Hidden Health Benefits Of Golfing

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Whether you’re looking for a way to get into shape for an upcoming event you want to participate in or you just want to start living a healthier life, you may want to consider taking up golfing. When people think about getting physically fit, they don’t typically think of golf as their first sport to try, but there are actually several surprising health benefits associated with golf that many people don’t know about. Here are just a few of those benefits: Cardio Benefits Since golf is such a low-impact sport, you wouldn’t think that it would have very many cardio benefits associated with it, but it does. According to Harvard University, it isn’t the motion of swinging the golf club that is good for your heart, but rather, the walking that you do. Golfers have to walk long distances to get from one hole to another or to get their golf balls out of hazards that they may have ended up in. Therefore, in a single game of golf, the average player can build up endurance, which helps keep the heart strong. Brain Benefits Playing golf can benefit your brain in more ways than one. To begin with, golf is a great way to reduce stress, so if you have been under a lot of pressure lately, you can play golf to relax, unwind, and take your mind off of life’s worries–at least temporarily. Golf is also a game of strategy, so it can help enhance your brain power by improving your concentration and helping you think of ways to get the ball to the hole. Sleep Benefits Golfing can help improve your sleep as well, because of the amount of daily exercise that you get while walking around on the course. If you don’t ride in the golf cart from one hole to another, then you definitely get your exercise, especially if you have to walk briskly to get to the next hole within a certain amount of time. As a result, you will probably be exhausted after a long day of golfing, and thus, you will understandably be tired. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems getting to sleep at night and staying asleep until you need to wake up in the morning. In short, golfing has many health benefits associated with it that people simply aren’t aware of. If you want a simple and fun way to get in shape this year or to just improve your overall health, then consider taking up golfing at a club like Timberlake Club. You’ll be surprised at the wonders it works on your physical and mental...

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