In order for a team to enjoy success on the field, its members need to strategize. Popular strategies include trapping, sweeping, passing and moving, possession ball, and switching the attack.

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Landon Webb, and I have been playing soccer since the age of 5. I was raised by two adoring parents. My father was a real estate agent and my mom was a certified English teacher. When I was born, my parents decided to home school me because the schools in our hometown weren’t good. Since I wouldn’t be around kids at school, my parents looked for other ways for me to spend time with local children. After some discussion, they decided to enroll me in a young recreational soccer league. Immediately, I was smitten with this sport.

As I grew up, I continued to play competitive soccer with various leagues. Amazingly, I received a soccer scholarship to our state’s largest university even though I did not play on a high school team. Since graduating from college with an engineering degree, I don’t have as much time to play the sport that has changed my life in so many ways. However, I do coach my young son’s team. I created this website because I want to share my love of soccer with potential players and their loved ones. On this website, you will discover the 4 types of necessary soccer equipment, learn how to play the game of soccer, and find out about 5 successful soccer strategies to try.